About me:

Reading Solutions Tutoring is owned and operated by Ilene Mund who has 16 years of teaching experience as a Special Education teacher. She received her Orton Gillingham Teacher Certificate from Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU) in 2020. She additionally has a certification in Assistive Technology. Ilene is extremely passionate about teaching students who struggle with reading. Growing up she struggled with reading and knows firsthand how important this type of instruction is. She has two children who have also struggled with reading and thanks to instruction based in Orton-Gillingham, they are both successful readers now. Ilene is available to tutor online or in person near New Providence, NJ. Each student will be assessed and taught reading skills based on their needs.

My kids!

This is Courtney and Max before either of them could read. Max is about to enter Kindergarten and Courtney is about to begin pre-school. 

Max struggled to learn the letter sounds and once he knew the sounds he wasn't able to blend them in order. He needed to be taught in a resource room for 1st through 4th grade in which his teachers used the Orton-Gillingham approach. He began inclusion in 5th grade in order to continue to have his learning needs met.

Courtney did well learning the individual letter sounds and blending them. Later, benefitted from being taught the phonograms explicitly in a small group with a reading specialist. The lessons were integrated into her classroom. She had amazing teachers and a reading specialist who worked with her to help her succeed with reading. By mid-third grade, I started the IEP process.

They both have an IEP due to Dyslexia. Max needed his starting in first grade and Courtney needed hers starting in fourth grade. 

My Kids Today!

They are both successful readers. They are in 7th and 9th grade now. Thanks to their teachers using Orton-Gillingham-based approaches. I have seen their progress firsthand and I know without this type of instruction reading may not have been attainable. While I'm thrilled they are both readers, I understand there is more to Dyslexia than just the hurdle of reading. I continue to be their advocate and provide them with encouragement and support as needed. 

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