How do I know if my child would benefit from Orton Gillingham based reading instruction?

If you notice your child having difficulty blending or indentifying sounds, has a difficult time with rhyming, has difficulty identifying sounds within a word, or is struggling with reading fluently. I recommend you have me assess them.

What are the benefits of Orton Gillingham based instruction rather than a different method?

Orton Gillingham based instruction specifically teaches the parts of words. Including each sound a letter or combination of letters make, the meaning of prefixes, suffixes, roots, and base words. These are taught on their own, in words, in sentences, and within a text. Each skill is then reviewed each week to ensure mastery. This is often successful with children who have Dyslexia since it breaks down the words into smaller chunks and with repetition these children are given the tools to sound out words rather than memorize whole words.

How is a Certified Orton Gillingham tutor different from one who isn't?

A certified tutor took a course that included working with students while learning the Orton Gillingham teaching method.